Lypro Biosciences is a therapeutic development company whose proprietary drug delivery nanotechnology increases the solubility and bioavailability of hydrophobic drugs and other therapeutic compounds and facilitates targeting to specific receptor(s). We have looked to the body's natural mechanisms for transporting insoluble compounds to develop our novel delivery platform.

Lypro's technology is based on self-assembling, targetable, nanometer-scale bioparticles termed "NanoDisk". Incorporating hydrophobic bioactive agents into the stable and water-soluble NanoDisk holds the promise of increased efficacy, lower doses, and reduced incidence and severity of side effects compared to current formulations.

Lypro has programs underway in infectious diseases and oncology with emerging programs in lipid replacement therapies and metabolic diseases.

Click here for information about; Ambigent™, an antifungal research reagent for high value cell cultures

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